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IBIS was founded in 1993 by professionals, technical translators and conference interpreters, and soon developed into a full service translation and interpretation organization. Since its inception, IBIS has focused primarily on translating contracts, patents and technical documents as well as interpreting at business negotiations, depositions, in Court and at international venues.


Today, IBIS provides these highly skilled resources, all graduates from some of the best and most recognized translation and interpretation schools, to help with your communications. All members of our team are also licensed experts in their respective fields to better meet your business needs.


Our team members hold degrees ranging from Engineering, Business Administration to Law as well as Interpreting diplomas earned both in the Unites States and in Europe.  All are native speakers of the language into which they translate or interpret.


IBIS provides document translation and interpretation to businesses and individuals alike, from negotiations to depositions and Court appearances, from contracts to diplomas, official documents, legal instruments and immigration papers.





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"Your efforts were of considerable help in our being awarded the Permit."

- G -


"Hey, I just meant to give you the proper respect for a job well done.  We really appreciate the speed with which you have gotten the materials back to us.  It has really helped us out."

- David -


"This is one of the reasons we work with the very best resources.  Thank you for taking care of this project, .....she does not dole out idle praise, and said it was a pleasure working with you....".

 - Brian -


"Thank you very much for your promptness- it is of very high quality. We shall be using your services in the future for other French translations".

- Jim -


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